Royal Chilli was formed in March 2020 and is 100% female owned. We saw an opportunity to provide a chilli sauce which was made with fresh ingredients, no preservatives, low sodium and no sugar – suitable for a vegan lifestyle.

We have a team growing our Chillies and Peppers called Green Earth South Africa. Our product is manufactured from the freshest and organic ingredients and these farms support organic farming programs and are implementing this learning successfully into various schools and developments across the country.

Our trio have completed full nutritional tests and is certified by Micro-Chem laboratory and is SANAS accredited. We are in the process of finalising the rapid acceleration service to determine the shelf-life of the product, it is currently at 11 months and will be concluded in December, we are guaranteed to be certified for a minimum of 1 year – but indicators are that it will be more than that.

We have taken the eco-friendly route by packaging Royal Chilli in glass bottles, we also believe that we have a sophisticated brand worthy of our trio living on every family’s dining room table.

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